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CA/B Forum Votes to Shorten Certificate Lifetime Validity Periods: How It Impacts You

The CA/Browser Forum (CAB Forum) comprises the world’s leading CAs and browser vendors. The CAB Forum meetings and discussions attempt to build consensus on rules and guidelines about global digital certificate practices. One common topic is how...

New CAA Requirement: What You Should Know

Things are heating up at the CA/Browser Forum with exciting proposals surrounding inclusion of the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) as a subjectAltName otherName, new validation methods, and debates over how the CAB Forum will continue operating. One of...

Google CT to Expand to All Certificates Types

A recent Google announcement says all publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificates issued in April 2018 or later will be expected to comply with Chrome’s Certificate Transparency (CT) policy in order to be trusted by that browser. Since January 2015,...

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